Are you an early stage Biotech? Get ready, Elsevier’s HIVE 2017 is here!


Elsevier HIVE 2017 is now open. If you are an early stage startup, read on! 

If you are an early stage biotech with a unique idea, you could be one of the eight startups chosen to become a part of the HIVE, an innovation hub for biotech and pharma startups.

Elsevier needs no introduction. There is literally no biotech researcher who has not looked up an umpteen number of papers on Science Direct or Scopus or the 2500 digitized journals that Elsevier publishes.

Now Elsevier is taking the lead on solving the major R&D challenges of the day. In the past few years, the trend of biotech and pharma startups becoming centers of cutting edge science and innovative solutions have been on the rise. Betting on this trend, Elsevier’s The HIVE helps foster these early stage companies by helping them achieve faster scientific breakthroughs by providing them an array of resources to increase productivity.

“Many of the most promising drug candidates and discoveries in R&D pipelines originate from these early stage companies. In 2017, The Hive will continue to highlight the fresh, innovative, and agile world of R&D that is taking place within start-ups, and we look forward to welcoming a new group of participants,” commented Tamas Szarvas, CMO, Corporate R&D, Elsevier’s R&D Solutions.

Interested to be a part of HIVE 2017! Here are some quick guidelines to check if you are eligible:

  • You must not currently be an Elsevier customer (or subsidiary of one)
  • Your company has at least 10 researchers focused on early stage research
  • The company is a pre-revenue early stage biotech or pharma startup
  • You must not be planning to be acquired in the next 18 months.

Enrollment for The Hive is open now and candidate companies may apply or can be nominated. Candidates will complete a questionnaire about their research, funding, nd goals for the next 18 months; followed by Elsevier’s Solution Finder to assess which solutions will be most beneficial. Prior to final selection, designated candidates will then be invited to undertake a phone interview.

Learn more about the HIVE here.

To apply to HIVE 2017, go here! Applications close on 31st August.

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As a part of our continuing coverage on the HIVE, we will be covering participants of HIVE 2016.