healthi – India’s fastest growing preventive health management provider


Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 5.28.42 PMOnce in two years, we undergo a complete health checkup as a personal choice or as a benefit from our employers. The moment we receive the test results, we are automatically in a state of dilemma of not being able to completely understand, how to correlate the test results with our health status.

healthi -India’s fastest growing digital preventive health startup is solving that problem.                                       PIC 1

It now serves users in over 130 Indian cities and has grown 9x year-over-year in  the first 2 years of  operations facilitating more than 1 million tests with 95% user satisfaction rating and over 90% customer retention.

healthi has a research partnership with the Government of India on the efficacy of chronic disease prediction models. It also has a content partnership with Mayo Clinic to deliver personalized, clinically validated and relevant preventive health content to users. It has also been working with e-commerce, insurance, retail, financial services and IT/ITeS corporates to easily roll out their preventive health programs as well.

Krishna Ulagaratchagan,Co-Founder and CEO
Krishna Ulagaratchagan,Co-Founder and CEO

The bootstrapped company, which has been serving users since April 2014, was founded by Krishna Ulagaratchagan and Rekuram Varadharaj (RV), who are alumni of top global MBA programs at Stanford (US) and INSEAD (France and Singapore) respectively.

Krishna takes us through their journey that has given the preventive healthcare system a new dimension.

What are the services and solutions that healthi offers?

healthi is India’s fastest growing digital preventive health startup. With healthi, the user embarks on a personalized and comprehensive preventive health journey, which begins with a health check-up. healthi helps users get the most appropriate health check package and easy-to-understand reports, so that they may seek expert help and guidance from practitioners and specialists after understanding their health status. ‘What one can predict, healthi can help prevent’.

Could you elaborate healthi’s efforts to promote disease prevention and wellness?

Disease prevention and wellness begins with awareness. Healthi has teamed up with industry experts and leading brands to provide personalized health checkups that are customized to each individual’s unique needs. Post the health checkup, healthi’s comprehensive and simple reports enable the users to understand their health status with ease. It provides the users with access to the best of medical practitioners and also empowers them with information pertaining to their current health state and what they can do to prevent or manage their lifestyle diseases.

What makes healthi different from other personalized preventive healthcare services?

healthi has a highly experienced team and a record of facilitating more than 10 lakh tests with 95% user satisfaction and 90% customer retention. Since its very inception, healthi has been proud to partner with the industry and research leaders of repute in healthcare. For its health check offering, it has tied up with most of the leading diagnostic and imaging laboratories, clinics and hospitals in India, thus offering 400+ high-quality venue options for users. healthi works with Mayo Clinic to deliver personalized, clinically validated, and relevant preventive health content to users.

While performing predictive analysis, what is the prominent disease state monitored in India?

While heart disease gets the most attention in India, the rate of prevalence of anemia, diabetes, and high blood pressure are high even amongst younger Indians. This is a major concern and seeks more attention.

What would be the revenue model of healthi which has enabled the organization to stay foot in the booming startup world?

healthi has two revenue models. The first, healthi sells health checkups to individuals and their family members either directly or through their employer. These health checkups are performed at home, in the clinic or at the office by leading healthcare diagnostics centers, clinics, and hospitals across the country.

Second, we sell the healthi engagement and analytics platform to leading healthcare providers that are striving to improve engagement and retention levels amongst their existing customers. Use of the healthi platform enables healthcare organizations to improve customer satisfaction, increase engagement and build meaningful relationships with their existing patient base.

How does healthi ensure that it is keeping up with the continual advances in medical technology?

In order to keep abreast of the continual advances in medical technology, healthi has a research partnership with the Government of India on the efficacy of chronic disease prediction models. In addition, healthi’s research team comprises of experts in the fields of biostatistics and population health.

How do you see to it that healthi delivers the best service for every patient round the clock?

healthi has a 40-member team comprising experts from universities such as Oxford University, University of Michigan, UCSF, ISB, IISc, IIT, and REC. Its medical board is headed by former Asia medical director of Sanofi-Aventis. Apart from this, the venture has also partnered with leading healthcare brands and diagnostic labs making the service the best in the industry.

How easy has it been to encourage people to choose healthi’s services?

The comprehensive packages and competitive pricing along with the healthcare brands healthi has partnered with have been successful in encouraging users to choose the venture’s services. Over 90% of customers that have experienced healthi’s platform choose to stay with healthi over the years.

How do healthi’s Master Check up and Complete Checkup services differ from each other?

The Complete check-up offers a more comprehensive set of tests that evaluate the current health of the individual. In particular, the Complete check-up offers tests to screen for Hepatitis B, Vitamin B 12 deficiency, thyroid, fatty livers, kidney stones and additional cancer screening parameters.

Tell us about an innovation that was implemented and how did it impact your clients?

In the early days, we noticed that post the health check-up, a significant number of customers would need to schedule additional tests. We studied the cause of this and found that our customers were unsure of which health check package was right for them and therefore would end up buying a package based on price. This did not guarantee that they would get all the tests that they required and also did not guarantee that they were not wasting money by buying tests that were not required for them.

To address this, healthi built a simple tool that would create a custom health check package that is tailor-made from millions of potential options based on the person’s unique need and partnered with leading healthcare brands to deliver those programs across the country. We found that 4 out of 5 users will buy a personalized health check over a standardized one when given the chance.

If you could define one special moment in terms of a patient or feedback what would it be?

The moment happened while serving a member of the management team at a leading retail company. The Vice President had called healthi shortly after receiving his reports, shaken by what he’d seen.

He was in his mid-40s, slim and had been doing a health check-up every year. His reports had always indicated marginally higher cholesterol and blood pressure readings which he had ignored. He mentioned that post every prior health check-up, the doctor would mention that he should stop smoking, eat healthier and manage his stress better. He knew that was good for him but would postpone the decision to make those changes till when he had more time.

This time, the report from healthi pointed out the same underlying factors and a few more that he wasn’t aware of. However, it quantified the long impact of those factors on his health in a way that was clear, unambiguous, and couldn’t be ignored; his lifestyle of smoking, poor diet and high stress combined with his genetic predisposition meant that he had a high risk of diabetes and heart disease. He resolved to make a change and wanted recommendations on what he should prioritize and what he should do to improve his health. We created a plan and connected him with the appropriate doctors and other specialists to get him on the path to better health.