StanPlus: Ensuring that you get an ambulance faster than pizza


Stanplus – Creating an efficient ambulance dispatching system for India

How many times have you heard the dialogue that “pizza reaches faster than ambulances”?  Statistics show that there are thousands of deaths occurring every year due to a delay in ambulance services or unequipped professionals. This could be due to increased workloads and strain on hospitals, but it’s time we took responsibility for the lives lost so recklessly. This is where the India-based startup StanPlus has gone an extra mile and taken a step towards improving the healthcare standards and infrastructure of their country.

About Stanplus

StanPlus is an upcoming startup based in Hyderabad, India and was founded in 2016 by Prabhdeep Singh (CEO) leading the sales team, Jose Leon (CTO) who looks over the technological and strategic aspects of the company and Antoine Poirson (COO) who focuses on operational excellence.

Prabhdeep Singh, Co-Founder & CEO; Antoine Poirson, Co-Founder & COO; Jose Leon, Co-Founder & Technical Advisor

All the co-founders are INSEAD graduates who envisioned this company, while on a weekend trip to Nice.

Antoine is an operations specialist from France with a background in industrial supply chains and engineering. While leading the commissioning of a power plant in India, one of Antoine’s team members suffered a fatal accident. The local, inefficient ambulance experience inspired STANPLUS as a solution for saving lives in the future. On meeting Prabhdeep and Jose on a weekend trip in Nice, a vision quickly emerged to disrupt the failed ambulance system in India.

Prabhdeep Singh, is a business visionary from India with extensive experience growing services and products within India’s healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies, and is a trained pharmacist. Being a seasoned traveller, he often wondered why the ambulance system in India is so ineffective. Conversations with patients, first responders, and hospital officials convinced him of the demand for responsive and trustworthy ambulance service.

Jose is an Industrial Engineer from Costa Rica and an expert and innovator of maps, logistics, and solutions development. At STANPLUS he is able to apply all of his skills and passion for using the newest technologies is bringing the cutting edge technologies and analytics to solve this urgent, yet complex need to create an efficient ambulance dispatching system for India.

StanPlus drives the care in healthcare. Their main aim is to create an efficient ambulance dispatching system for India.

What are the services you offer?

StanPlus aggregates private and hospital ambulances, providing people with one trustworthy number to call to get an ambulance quickly.

A large percentage of ambulances do not have trained staff (paramedics) and patients often suffer from a lack of supplies available within the vehicle. Thus, apart from providing ambulances quickly, StanPlus is also putting emphasis on standardization of these vehicles and their care.

The company trains its ambulance staff. The drivers are not only taught how to use the interface and navigation system, they are also given first-aid training to ensure they can react properly.



With 92 ambulances across 37 companies on board, StanPlus currently can instantly dispatch the closest ambulance with one phone call.  Apart from private ambulances, the company has collaborations with hospitals and includes their ambulances in the same network.

“We can serve any request for ambulance within 15 minutes for 65% of Hyderabad’s population of 8.5 million people. I think this in itself is a huge achievement,” says StanPlus Co-Founder & COO, Antoine Poirson.

When asked about future goals, he said,“We plan to have around 200 ambulances in the network by April, which will allow us to reach all 8.5 million citizens in less than 15 minutes. That will be a response time never achieved anywhere in India.”

Do you plan to expand outside India?

Stanplus is currently operating only in Hyderabad, however in due time it is planning on expanding across India and Asia as there is demand in mostly South East Asia, in countries like Indonesia and Philippines but also in Africa and South America. The founders are looking at starting operation in Hyderabad’s main neighboring cities Vijayawada & Vizag in the next months; and have plans to further expand to Bangalore by end of 2017.

Business/Revenue model of the company

Currently, most of the revenues are generated through

  1. A fare share on the ambulance ride
  2. Technology access fee.

As they expand geographically and across the value chain, they plan to activate other revenue streams with focus on increasing preparedness of people in case of emergency, and making access to emergency medical transportation affordable.

What is the X-factor that sets you apart?

  1. Unique business model that incentivizes key players to coordinate and contribute to a unified system.
  2. Hands on approach and get involved in daily operations of the ambulances in the network.
  3. The team puts a heavy upfront effort in understanding customers and the problems they want to be solved, hence customizing their services whilst building relationship and aligning interests
  4. Designing programs and services directly into the needs that they have uncovered through qualitative research
  5. Gathering and analyzing quantitative data from current services to optimize user and market preferences.

StanPlus currently controls the largest fleet of ambulances. Their dispatching center is operational, 24/7 and supports an increasing number of patients’ day in and day out.

Our vision is to standardize fare, quality and care, and we believe that focus is the best way to achieve this.”

The company believes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and are thus developing more ideas for the future to give you the best possible service and save lives!


In case you are wondering how to access their ambulance services, call 04039565252.

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