TheraIndx Lifesciences- One stop solution to Preclinical services and Project Management


Obtaining quality data is a must requirement to support any successful innovation or study in the field of Life Sciences and to find a suitable partner for the study team in this direction is one of the most important step. The solution to this was provided by one such service provider that came up in early 2014 named TheraIndx Lifesciences (Bangalore, India) by the efforts of J. Sundaresh Babu, Dr. Seshagiri Gaonkar and Ramesh Jayaraman.

TheraIndx Lifesciences

TheraIndx Lifesciences works on the business model of Contract Research Services and offers Preclinical Research services in Biology, ADMET-PK, Pharmacology, Exploratory Toxicology and Project Management. Their specialized facilities include Biosafety Level (BSL2) laboratories with negative pressure ventilation for Microbiology and cell biology, a state-of-the-art Vivarium equipped with species-wise separation and individually Ventilated Caging (IVC) systems for housing animals. They offer wide range of Animal disease models covering a variety of therapeutic areas such as infection, Oncology, Diabetes, Obesity, Dyslipidemia, Arthritis, Medical devices, Wound healing etc.

In a very short time, TheraIndx have made significant achievement in business development both in India and Internationally and are working with most of the innovative Life science R&D companies in India. They are also entering into contracts with new clients in Singapore, Brazil, Sweden and USA.

Why TheraIndx? The science management team has extensive working experience in International Biopharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca, S*Bio Singapore, GE Healthcare etc. in the areas of Drug Discovery and Development. Expertise include preclinical ADMET, PK, PK/PD, Modelling and Simulation, preclinical development and clinical PK in infection (Malaria, Broad spectrum Anti-infectives, anti-mycobacterial TA), Oncology, Metabolic disorders like Diabetes, Obesity, Product development in Wound healing programs and Medical devices etc.


TheraIndx team with their experience in big pharma and biotech research area believe that they can associate small and medium size biotech and pharma companies and academic researchers who have exciting ideas and some early data that need development plan and regulatory support to explore product development and commercialization. They have received immense support and positive response from the innovative companies and researchers who found clarity and way forward thinking extremely supportive of their projects.

TheraIndx aims to establish itself as R&D hub which they call “one-stop-shop” in Lifesciences from “Idea to Product” CRO company. Elaborating their future idea they mentioned, “If a client comes to us with an Idea, we would like to support Idea to Product or commercialization stage with our experience and team work.”

When asked about the hurdles in starting up, there was a very confident reply that they were able to handle all the challenges with ease because of the extensive experience and expertise of the promoters in the management. Also, Bangalore being start-up capital, ecosystem is very positive and supportive.

Sharing their words of advise to fellow start ups, they told that evaluate your Idea, visualize a product/service, work on a revenue model, minimize Capex and best utilize support system available in Government & Private space.

More about the Co-founders:

Ramesh Jayaraman

He has over 22 years of experience in Drug Discovery and Development in oncology and infection with core expertise in Biochemistry, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. In the oncology therapeutic area, as a Senior Scientist and team leader in S*BIO Pte Ltd Singapore, he was responsible for preclinical development, PK, ADME, and toxicology for three small molecule targeted anticancer clinical development candidates – SB1518 (Pacritinib) in Phase 3 trials for Myelofibrosis, SB939 (Pracinostat) in phase 2 trials for solid tumors and SB1317 (TG02) in phase 2 trials for lymphoma. In infection therapeutic area, he has worked as a Research Scientist and team leader in AstraZenenca India Pvt Ltd in discovery of anti-tuberculosis compounds.

Seshagiri Gaonkar

He has over 20 years of experience in Lifesciences and Drug Discovery Research  with core areas in pre-clinical models for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies in Malaria, Broad spectrum Anti-infective and anti-mycobacterial, Diabetes and Wound healing models for drug discovery. Major leadership roles include Member of Global Veterinary Council in AstraZeneca, designed and built state-of-the-art vivaria and research laboratories for two start-up CROs and responsible for AAALAC accreditation. 

Sundaresh Babu

He has over 25 years of experience in Commercial operations in the Industry in areas of manufacturing,  Finance, sourcing, Business development, Business Management, and regulatory compliance.  Prior to TheraIndx, he was Core management team member involved in enterprise level planning, decision making, Venture funding, due diligence for start up Biotech company.