IBM Watson Health: A Transformative Concept Connecting Humanity and Technology


Every single second, voluminous amount of data is being generated from the healthcare and medicine industry, including the healthtech and wearables sector. Increasingly, the focus has been on how the data could be integrated and used to achieve our collective dream of enabling precision medicine i.e. detecting diseases well before their onset.

There have been some steadfast improvements in this sector, especially with technologies like IBM Watson health.

Watson is a computer running software known as “Deep QA” developed by IBM research with a primary goal of finding answers in unstructured data in a better manner than normal search engines. Watson was named after IBM’s first CEO and industrialist Thomas J. Watson.  The software was initially developed to win the game show “Jeopardy”, but today one of its main branches of application is IBM Watson health.

Watson Health is conceptualized around ‘Watson Health Cloud’, a system which works by harnessing data and structuring information from it to create new insights into various fields such as drug discovery, cancer, research and clinical studies, medical technology and computerized healthcare.

Here is how it works :

As individuals, we possess a lot of insights about ourselves in the form of genetic characteristics, hereditary information, blood pressure, heart and brain functioning and so on. Analyzing this data rapidly and effectively to find solutions to our medical problems has been a constraint so far for doctors and health professionals. But, Watson Health cloud enables in-depth analytics that could provide answers for better care and treatment options.

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