Preventing Gestational Diabetes: A Step Towards Safer Pregnancy.


Diabetes during pregnancy is a cause for concern and has been on the rise in recent times. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus occurs when blood glucose levels increases during pregnancy and usually affects the mother and the fetus in the later stages. In order to prevent complications and continue with a healthy pregnancy, it is vital to understand the dynamics of the disease.

The below video provides a brief explanation of the symptoms and mechanism of GDM as well as preventative measures that should be taken.

It is highly likely that the patient may be unaware of the existence of their condition during their pregnancy. Thus, routine check-ups are highly essential in order to recognize the symptoms or presence of GDM.

Furthermore, to increase awareness of this disease, a video by NHS explains the effects of gestational diabetes on pregnant women and highlights the importance of early recognition. It also shares the personal experience of Kimberly, a patient who was diagnosed with the condition.

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