Biotechin.Asia Presents Wonder Women in Science Series With Dr Rosemary Tan


Biotechin.Asia proudly presents the Wonder Women in Science Series where we feature outstanding women in the fields of science and technology.

Women play a very crucial role in scientific research globally with over 53% women actively pursuing Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in science, even outnumbering men at these levels. However, their numbers drop abruptly at PhD level. At the research level, the number of male graduates represents almost 72% of the global pool. All these suggests that even though there is a high pool of women in tertiary education, that doesn’t translate to their greater presence in research. What could the reasons be?

During the course of our interview series, we spoke about the several factors that is holding women back – the invisible glass ceiling, i.e. maternity, unconscious gender bias among other factors. We are trying to bring awareness about these issues with our Wonder Women in Science series and hope many more of you actively involve in these discussions and do your part in enabling greater participation of women in science.

Most importantly, we present to you some amazing women role models who have surmounted all odds, gone against the tide and done spectacularly well in their fields. 

Below is a video of our hostess Dr Sandhya Sriram having a chat with Dr Rosemary Tan, CEO of Veredus Laboratories.

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