A*STAR young scientists initiate “Lab to Market” Tech Talk Series to assist technology transfer process

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Translating technologies from academic labs to the market is challenging, particularly for early-stage technologies that are based on scientific breakthroughs in materials science and biomedical field.  Successful technology translations require researchers look at the application of their technology in a completely different perspective. Instead of reflecting on academic focuses, such as grant availability, collaboration, departmental focus and etc., such technologies need to focus more on elements like market size, competition and customer acceptance, which are the main driving forces in the market.

At the same time, start-ups and small/medium enterprises (SMEs) of emerging industries are struggling to find new technologies and talents to expand their capabilities or steer their businesses to the next technology trend.

Keeping this in mind, young scientists from Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) have started a new initiative called “Lab to Market” Tech Talk series to address the gap between start-ups and SMEs and researchers, particularly, young researchers. The tech talk series are particularly curated on specific technological themes, not only including hot areas like Deep Learning, 3D Printing and Nanomaterials, but also early-stage technologies (such as stem cell technologies and cancer immunotherapy).

Unlike normal technological/scientific seminars, the tech talk series are not focused on presenting the latest scientific finding, but exploring the economic potential of a specific technology and discussing the capabilities of Singapore industry players and A*STAR researchers in layman languages.

The purpose of these thematic tech talk series is to bring more awareness to SMEs and startups regarding latest technological advances and product development within A*STAR. This will also provide a networking platform for SMEs and startups to strike up conversations or initiate collaborations with A*STAR early career researchers (ECRs), and a perspective of the local market needs and economy directions for A*STAR ECRs.

In each tech talk session, there will be a young scientist from an A*STAR institute, a representative from a startup/SME and a commercialisation expert. Through their talks, the audience can easily interpret how a technology transfer happens from lab to market, and understand the market potential behind a specific technology.

The “Lab to Market” Tech Talk series is organised by A*STAR Postdoc and Early Career Scientist Society (A*PECSS) in collaboration with ETPL, and is held on the fourth Thursday of every month at A*START Central, a first-of-its-kind “open innovation lab” and tech incubator in Singapore.

Coming up in November, Cancer Immunotherapy is the main theme and a group of speakers comprising patent experts, scientists and industry representatives will be giving concise and interesting presentations on November 24th 2016.

If you are in Singapore and would like to find out more about patenting, technology commercialization and build your network, please feel free to register yourself at the upcoming tech talk here.


A*PECSS (A*STAR Postdoc and Early Career Scientist Society) is a volunteer society of A*STAR postdocs/scientists who focus on expanding the career development opportunities for A*STAR early career researchers (ECRs). 

ETPL is the commercialisation arm of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), supporting it in transforming the economy by driving innovation and commercialising its research outcomes.