First digital sports startups start at Vertical accelerator program

  • The first Nordic digital health, wellness, and sports startup accelerator Vertical begins its fall 2016 program today

  • Ten startups from six different countries were chosen for this program
  • Over 350 startups from all around the world have applied for Vertical programs this year

The first Nordic digital health, wellness, and sport startup accelerator Vertical starts its fall program today with ten international startups. For the first time the batch includes digital sports startups.

The selected batch of ten startups includes teams from around Europe as well as South America. Digital health and wellness teams from Finland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Turkey are ready to change the future of healthcare and wellbeing, while sports startups from Argentina and Italy aim to disrupt the sports market.

The Vertical fall accelerator program starting today in Otaniemi, Finland runs for four months, and offers the startups a state-of-art co-working space, a training program which focuses on going from minimum viable product to minimum meaningful product, organizing of financing, legal assistance, and connections within marketing and international product distribution. At the end of the program Vertical will invest up to 150 000 euros in the most promising teams.

“We’re thrilled to start our third accelerator program with these amazing teams,” Vertical CEO and Co-Founder, Paolo Borella says. “We have selected a wide set of startups from different sectors of the digital health and wellness vertical. And for the first time we have found cutting edge sports startups that will bring an excellent addition to the fall batch.”

This year over 350 startups from over 50 different countries have applied for Vertical accelerator programs. “We have screened, analyzed, and met with over 350 digital health and wellness teams this year, and have gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry and playing field”, Borella says. “The digital health startup scene is one of the most interesting growing industries at the moment, and we can’t wait to dig even deeper into it.”

The fall batch startups will get to be part of Vertical’s lean and open innovation platform. With its industry leading partners Vertical combines industry understanding, direct access to key individuals in the field, and world leading research and development to help startups grow and scale.

Vertical’s partners include Samsung, Sonera, Amer Sports, Fazer, and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa region HUS. “Our partners cover the health, wellness, and sports value chain from innovation and research to go-to market and sales, from nutrition to smart devices, and connectivity to big data”, Borella says.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay
  • BetterDay Research, Finland:
    BetterDay Research develops immersive Virtual Reality environment to therapy.
  • Diske, Finland:
    Diske builds a scalable and customizable health tool platform for hospitals, health care, sport and wellness providers.
  • Effectus Labs, Italy:
    Effectus Labs is developing an end to end solution consisting of affordable, not invasive sweat sensors.
  • Enigma Biotech, Turkey:
    Enigma builds an in-ear device optical chip able to track and analyze vital health markers.
  • Lääkä, Finland: empowers the patient to compare both the price & quality of healthcare services.
  • MedicSen, Spain:
    MedicSen develops a cloud based algorithm to analyze the information provided by 3rd party sensors, to predict future glucose levels and insulin intake.
  • Nairoby, Argentina:
    Nairoby develops a monolithic thermoplastic snowboard. This final product can be recycled and transformed into reusable raw material to build new products.
  • Practigame, Finland:
    Practigame platform enables safe and cost effective learning for healthcare professionals using engaging gaming elements in virtual simulations.
  • Rica, Germany:
    RICA is a self learning IoT solution to improve the peace of mind of caregivers to the alone living elderly
  • Sharewood, Italy:
    Sharewood is a marketplace that connects owners of sport and outdoor equipment with sport enthusiast.
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