HeartIn Inc. Opens a Branch Office in India to Introduce Portable Electrocardiograph to Indian Market


In August, 2016, HeartIn Inc. opened a new office in Bangalore aimed at providing Indian people with a new level of easy-to-access and affordable cardiology care. The indian office will focus on promoting Heart-In revolutionary, go-anywhere portable mini-electrocardiograph along with 24/7 access to online consultations of certified cardiologists.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

India is a very promising market for healthcare innovations. With its over 1 billion population and healthcare market expected to reach $280 billion by 2020 (KPMG projections), India still strives for better medical care coverage with the current doctor patient ratio as low as 1:1700.  Cardiovascular diseases, being the number one cause of mortality and disability in India, take lives of approximately 3.4 million Indians a year, according to study of Tanmay Nag and Arnab Ghosh. Skyrocketing demand for affordable cardiologic care along with insufficient healthcare infrastructure provides an immense opportunity for mobile healthcare accessible from every place on Earth with Internet access.

“Heart-In portable ECG device with price as low as $240 and with a weight of an iPhone is miniature and simple, but it allows a high-quality hospital-level 12-lead ECG to be done from everywhere and transmitted to a cardiologist for rapid analysis and detection of all common cardiac problems. No travelling, no looking for a window in a tight doctor’s schedule, no waiting in lines – a qualified cardiologist’s consultation is available instantly from a smartphone or PC.” – said HeartIn Inc. founder and CEO Oleksii Vinogradov. – “I’m sure, remote diagnostics and consultation will transform India’s cardiology care and increase longevity and quality of live for millions of Indians.”

“We have received many inquiries from our current and potential business partners in Asia, that’s why we decided to open a representative branch in Bangalore, India, to facilitate distribution and to support building mobile cardiology care ecosystem.”- said HeartIn Inc. co-founder Dmytro Fedkov. – “Connecting customers with quality care through state-of-the-art medial technology will provide benefits for everyone. Customers will access quality care without leaving their home or office, cardiologists will boost their revenues, and clinics without in-house cardiologists will provide their patients with professional diagnostics of cardio-vascular diseases. We welcome new business partners, resellers, distributors, cardiologists and clinics to join our network aimed at improving healthcare system in India and saving people’s lives.”

Digital healthcare and remote diagnostics are expected to celebrate tremendous success in India, as the country is highly susceptible to newest technology and innovation. Mobility will boost population coverage by medical services, while satisfaction rankings and customer reviews will bring up the healthcare quality standards.

HeartIn  Inc.  was  founded  as  a  Silicon  Valley,  California  company  by  a group of like-minded investors, inventors and medical practitioners from Ukraine, who had achieved success in fields as varying as business, information technology, and medicine. As a result of their effort, a unique-to-the-market system of professional remote cardiography hardware and service was created.

Heart-In  Remote  Portable  12  Lead  electrocardiograph  device  can  be attached  by  the  patient  or  helpers  at  home  or  virtually  anywhere,  and  read remotely  by  HeartIn’s  cardiologists  who  are  instantly  summoned  and  then  read the device’s signals through a dedicated Internet server. Network  cardiologists  perform  an on-demand  electrocardiographic  consultation to  determine  seriousness,  and advise on a plan of treatment.  Use of Heart-In portable ECG service helps to save minutes and hours critical for timely response to cardiovascular conditions and brings peace of mind for patients and their families.

Before launching its new branch in India, HeartIn Inc., with headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, had R&D office in Kiev, Ukraine and a branch office in Israel.

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