Digital Health Startup Health2Sync Raises $3M Series A to Transform Diabetes Care


With Proven Clinical Efficacy, Health2Sync Aims to Bring Personalized Care to Patients in Asia

Taiwanese startup Health2Sync secures a $3 million Series A investment led by WI Harper Group; with participation from Cherubic Ventures, iSeed Ventures, and SparkLabs Global Ventures.

Health2Sync revolutionizes diabetes care through automated care & analytics. The new funding will be used to continue product development and accelerate growth overseas in markets such as Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

Based on a data-driven approach to Diabetes care, Health2Sync is clinically proven to help patients improve blood sugar control and reduce risks of complications. Health2Sync provides insights to help patients learn what factors affect their blood sugar and make sustainable lifestyle changes. The around-the-clock care through automated analytics empowers patients to start living a healthier life. With the build-out of the Health2Sync Mobile App and Patient Management Platform, not only can caregivers provide higher quality of care, pharmaceuticals and insurance providers can also partner with Health2Sync to offer patients innovative products and solutions.

“Health2Sync has built a solution that has helped countless patients and families control blood sugar and co-exist with Diabetes,” said Ed Deng, Co-Founder and CEO of Health2Sync. “While half of the global diabetic population is in Asia, the region is underserved when it comes to daily and personalized care. By leveraging technology and catering to patient needs, we have demonstrated clinical efficacy. With the new capital, we will be able to continue our mission to provide personalized care for all diabetics.”

Diabetes is recognized as the fastest-growing health problem in the world. Globally, Diabetes affects at least 415 million people. Without good glycemic control, Diabetes increases the risk of serious complications and disease. With its solution, Health2Sync has been able to improve patient outcomes. After using Health2Sync for 120 days, average HbA1c of users decreased from 8.60% to 6.89%, which led to significant reductions in risk of complications.

Edward Liu, Partner at WI Harper Group commented, “Health2Sync has an amazingly talented team with proven ability to execute. We firmly believe in H2’s vision of building a unique model to personalize and scale in diabetes care. Diabetes is a problem that’s hitting Asia faster than we know it, and an innovative approach to managing it is truly needed. We look forward to partnering with H2’s team to build a world class company.”

Matt Cheng, Founder and Managing Partner at Cherubic Ventures commented, “As one of Health2Sync’s earliest seed investors, Cherubic Ventures has been a proud supporter from the very beginning. We’ve witnessed firsthand the founders’ commitment in creating a robust, yet scalable, solution for Diabetes care, as some of their closest family members suffer from Diabetes. The founding team’s vision and precision in execution has brought Health2Sync to where it is today, and we are excited to see new investors join in helping the service access international markets.”

Bernard Moon, Co-Founder and Partner at Sparklabs Global Ventures commented, “Diabetes hits over 8% of the adult population in the world and costs us over $800 billion each year. When we came across Health2Sync’s team, we were excited to learn about their elegant and effective solution to diabetes management with actual tangible results. We love founders’ vision to help combat this disease and improve the lives of millions across the globe.”

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About Health2Sync

Founded in 2013, Health2Sync provides a comprehensive health management platform for people with diabetes. Its products combine mobile, cloud, and data analytics, enabling patients to obtain personalized care, and allows care providers and family to care for patients remotely. With the largest network of clinics and hospitals, it is the leading solution in Asia that brings an effective yet scalable solution to diabetes management.

About WI Harper Group

Founded in 1993, WI Harper Group is a global leader in cross-border early stage venture investing between the US and Asia. The firm manages US$1 billion in committed capital and has made over 300 investments with more than 80 exits. The firm maintains three offices in San Francisco, Taipei, and Beijing with over 20 investment professionals.

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