Camtech Diagnostics- Providing Total Testing Solutions For the Industry

Team at Camtech Diagnostics with the Director (extreme right) Meng-Han Kuok

When was your company founded and what does Camtech do?

Camtech Diagnostics was founded in 2011. Camtech Diagnostics develops and commercializes technology for point of use testing in the food, clinical and biodefence industries.

Do you have R&D as well as a product? 

We have 2 products being launched: Rapid test kits for food safety detection and monitoring, as well as wireless sensors for water quality monitoring to improve yields in the aquaculture industry. We have R&D capabilities in sensors, microfluidics, electronics, software areas.

Do you engage in partnerships with academia and industry? Can you tell us more about how you enable open innovation projects?

Yes, we have many partnerships with academia and industry. We collaborate with academia and research institutes for R&D. We partner with local SMEs and LLEs to commercialise the products.

Is it already available in the market? How has the response been so far?

We’ve had beta trials, which have had good response. We are working towards the main launch early next year.

What is the business/revenue model of the company?

We sell products.

What are the future plans for your company?

We have new products in development in the clinical application area. In food and agriculture sectors, we are looking to partner with companies to work with on new technology applications. Camtech also has among its products, an award winning handheld device for Anthrax detection by first responders, providing reagentless detection of the presence of Anthrax spores within 10 minutes on the field, currently the fastest available in the market for detecting an ever underlying threat in the present world.

Your thoughts on biotech and healthcare startups in Asia

It’s a great time. We have consumer growth in Asia and what is likely to be the largest healthcare markets in the future

Any advice for biotech/healthcare startups?

It’s a long hike compared to other fields of tech, so the people on your team need to have a real passion for making a difference in this area, not just the financial rewards. In terms of the journey, it’s been tough but rewarding.