Announcement: Galen Growth Asia and Biotechin.Asia are partnering



We are pleased to announce the new partnership between Galen Growth Asia and Biotechin.Asia to promote and support our mutual efforts in making healthcare ecosystem better.

Aiming to grow and enrich both organisations, this partnership is an important step towards connecting all stakeholders and striving daily to reach out, inform and connect Asia’s healthcare ecosystem.

We are both incredibly excited about the possibility to leverage each other’s strengths and resources to jointly support innovation and build awareness.

Full Logo - White BGBiotechin.Asia is a Singapore-based biotech and healthcare news website. A part of Biotech Media Pte. Ltd., Biotechin.Asia is focused on delivering simplified, curated, fact-based news for all stakeholders in the biotech and healthcare ecosystem. As a virtual newsroom, Biotechin.Asia aims to nurture and bring together an ecosystem of biotech and healthcare startups, academicians and industry onto a common platform.

Galen Growth Asia is an independent organisation with the objective of developing the healthtech ecosystem across Asia through collaboration between all interested stakeholders. Through our focus on enabling both social value and investing opportunities, we mobilize thought leaders in healthcare and technology, support innovators in HealthTech to inform their solutions and business models, and provide valuable insights for market access, business development and investment opportunities.