Mexico Starts Dengue Vaccinations


Dengvaxia®, is now approved for Dengue vaccination in 9 countries including those in Latin America and Asia. 

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Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines global business unit of Sanofi, announced today that the Dengvaxia® dengue vaccine is now available in private healthcare clinics of Mexico for vaccination of individuals 9 to 45 years of age.

“Dengue is a major public health risk in parts of Mexico with no specific treatment available to healthcare professionals to manage outcomes with this disease,” says Dr. José Ramos Castañeda, Professor of Virology and Researcher at the Center for Population Health Research of the National Institute of Public Health (INSP). “The Mexican medical community welcomes the ability to vaccinate people against dengue with the first clinical preventive tool for this often debilitating disease which continues to be a growing health issue in our country.”

In 2013, a peak year for dengue in Mexico, 231,400 suspected dengue cases were reported, leading to 34,100 reported hospitalizations due to dengue at an average cost per hospitalization in Mexico of $USD 1,327. The majority of dengue cases are reported in those 9 years of age and older globally, 90% of dengue cases in Mexico are in this age group, which represents a highly mobile and social segment of the community who contribute significantly to both burden and spread of dengue infection in endemic countries.

Dengvaxia® is now approved in nine countries globally, with 4 new registrations (Paraguay, Peru, Indonesia and Guatemala) granted in the last 6 weeks following the World Health Organization’s official endorsement of the vaccine’s safety, efficacy and public health value in endemic countries published on July 29th.

After setting out to develop a dengue vaccine 20 years ago, the company remains committed to introducing the vaccine first in endemic countries where dengue is a public health priority and where a dengue vaccine can have the greatest disease reduction impact.

To achieve this goal, the dengue vaccine was studied in a comprehensive clinical development program involving over 40,000 participants from 15 countries worldwide where dengue is endemic. Mexico participated in all three phases of the clinical development program for the vaccine and was the first country to approve the vaccine at the end of last year.

“The private clinic launch of the dengue vaccine in Mexico is good news and follows closely CONAVA, the country’s National Vaccination Council, publication of recommendations for use of the dengue vaccine which provides the framework for the nation’s health authorities to consider implementation of the dengue vaccine in public programs to reduce disease burden in Mexico and reach the WHO 2020 ambition for dengue reduction,” adds Dr. Cesar Mascareñas, Global Head of Medical Affairs for Dengue at Sanofi Pasteur.