Thabi’s Gapsummit And VoT Experience


The Beginning

The ThABI team brought together by the GapSummit 2016 hail from two African countries with Adam, Dapo, Lukman and Voke from Nigeria and Nani originally from Senegal but working from Tanzania. Dapo is a PhD student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Adam an MSc Student at the University of Glasgow, and an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, Voke a PhD candidate at University of Lagos, Lukman, the managing director of inqaba biotec West Africa and Nani a molecular biologist at Africa Rice Centre, Tanzania.

What we had in common, besides our interests in molecular biology and passions for biotech development in Africa, was the desire to enlighten the rest of the world about biotechnological and general scientific developments on the continent.


The VoT Competition

The organizers of the GapSummit did very well in putting us all together. As we all operate in the African biotechnology environment, we have a good understanding of the challenges and areas which require improvement. As biotech is in its infancy on the continent, our idea for the VoT competition, if successful, was aimed at promoting biotechnology and its applications in Africa. After brainstorming, a series of ideas came up, from biotech education to mobile biotech labs to bio-innovation competition. Eventually, ABIP was born.

ABIP (African Biotechnology Industry Park) is poised to fill the essential biotechnology gaps in Africa, which include insufficient capacities (both human and infrastructural), inadequate education, and low investment in research and innovation funding.

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