Catching Up With Leader Of Tomorrow 2014: Evelyn Linardy


With the Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow (SLoT) Forum (Apply here) in a few month’s time, the GBR Team thought it would be great to reflect and catch up with some of our alumni from the inaugural GapSummit.

MG_6614_VinDr Evelyn Linardy attended GapSummit 2014 as a Leader of Tomorrow. At the time she was conducting her doctoral research, profiled in the video above, into portable DNA detection. The project was performed at the University of New South Wales, Australia in conjunction with a biotech start-up SpeeDx, and has potential applications that will make a great impact to medical diagnostics.

Following her doctorate, Evelyn participated in a health-focused business course, which could also serve as credit towards a potential future MBA. She has now transitioned into a marketing and business development role at SpeeDx, retaining a strong biotech-focus as part of her career goals.She’s completed several career milestones since GapSummit 2014, submitting her PhD thesis in September of that year, passing with flying colours and graduating shortly after.

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This article is reproduced from GBR and has been edited to suit the context of SLoT Forum.