Are you a Leader of Tomorrow or an aspiring bio-leader? Read this to know why you should be


Sandhya photoYou may have come across publicity posts and announcements on Singapore’s first bio-leadership and inter-generational forum – Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow (SLoT) Forum.

With this article, I am going to convince you as to why you should apply for this forum and attend it, based on my previous experience of attending GapSummit 2016 recently in the UK.

It was November 2015 when I first came across (through a friend) this interesting event called GapSummit which was to be held in April 2016 at Cambridge, UK. I quickly scanned through the details and the application form. On going through the application form, I realized that I need to spend some time applying for this as one of the requirements were “Why do you want to attend GapSummit?”. At first, like most of us, I dismissed the idea of writing an essay; but then thought why not?

As I was reading more and more about the summit and its programme, I was so interested to attend it, that I immediately applied for it and wrote a convincing essay as to why I want to attend the GapSummit.

In December, I was informed that I have been selected as a leader of tomorrow and I was invited to attend the GapSummit. I was elated!

That was the time when I realized that I am indeed a leader of tomorrow. Millions of students and postdocs like me are the leaders of tomorrow in the biotechnology sector. We are the ones who are going to make life liveable in this fast paced world!

In April 2016, I attended the GapSummit 2016, organized by Global Biotech Revolution as a Leader of Tomorrow. GapSummit is the world’s first inter-generational and inter-cultural leadership summit in biotechnology where the world’s leading minds in biotechnology meet up and discuss the ‘gaps’ in the biotech industry – be it Research & Innovation gap, Funding gap or public perception gap. The aim is to connect the biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers who are going to become the young bio-leaders of tomorrow and initiate a discussion about the gaps in the sector.

Taking part in the Voices of Tomorrow competition was an eye-opening experience and I made some awesome friends during the course of coming up with a business idea.

I found the entire experience very enriching and felt the need to do a similar event in Singapore that will create a group of focused and motivated bio-leaders who will help advance the biotech and healthcare ecosystem in Singapore.

After several discussions, Global Biotech Revolution decided to organize the Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow (SLoT) forum (thanks to Dr Kelvin Chan for facilitating this!), to be held on October 19th 2016, with Biotechin.Asia (I am the co-founder of Biotechin.Asia) being the Key Supporting Partner. I roped in Laxmi Iyer, my partner at Biotechin.Asia and other colleagues to join in as part of the executive team.

SLoT forum1

And here we are, organizing the Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow (SLoT) Forum, for those residing in Singapore. It is my personal agenda to make sure bio-leaders of tomorrow apply and attend Singapore’s first forum of such kind.

Hence, please do apply and be a part of this exciting event; let us be the leaders of tomorrow and make sure we work towards a better future. To know more and apply, click here. Hurry up as the deadline for applications is on August 22nd 2016, 23:59 SGT!

To know more about my thoughts on bio-leadership and the GapSummit, click here.

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