PSLove: Removing pain from periods


All women go through this, every month! It might be relatively painless for some while for others, it is like a nightmare. Whatever be the case, it is definitely a hassle for everyone. There haven’t been many innovations in the feminine care department, especially in pain alleviation for menstrual cramps. Most women are still using traditional hot water bottles for soothing period pains and in many cases, they are not even aware of heat being a good natural pain reliever for soothing menstrual aches.

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Caleb and Peck Ying, Co-founders of PSLove

PSLove noticed this need for improvement in feminine care and have come up with specialized heating patches that are specifically designed to emit a certain amount of heat for better menstrual pain relief. These patches adhere to the lower abdomen and continuously emits heat for a period of 12 hours.

menstruheat product
MenstruHeat Source: PSLove

I (VB) had the opportunity to talk to the co-founder of PSLove, Peck Ying who talked about her start-up in detail.

VB: When was PSLove founded? Who are the founders of PS Love?

PY: PSLove was founded in 2014 by Peck Ying and Caleb – both of whom were alumni of the NUS Overseas College Program, where they discovered their interest in creating value and impacting society through products and services.

VB: What are the product and services offered by your company?

PY: PSLove initially started off as a subscription service for women’s monthly feminine care needs. Being in the feminine care space helped us realise that a more prevalent and recurring issue which few have looked to solve – the occurrence of menstrual cramps which affects 50-70% of menstruating females. We were thus compelled to create a product that could help majority of females ease menstrual cramps in a convenient and non-intrusive way.

Our product, MenstruHeat, is a single use heat releasing a patch that is formulated to release just the right amount of heat so that it can effectively combat menstrual pain. The patch is activated upon contact with air and heat will be released for up to 12 hours long.

Together with MenstruHeat, PSLove has also created MenstruTrack, a period tracking app with a lifestyle element that provides females with content that educates them about feminine health as well as allowing them to make timely purchases of their monthly supplies through the app.

Our main revenue generator is the sales and distribution of our product as well as partnerships and collaborations through our app.

VB: What is the unique selling point for Menstruheat and Menstrutrack?

PY: MenstruHeat, unlike other heat patches, is designed with women in mind. Understanding the amount of heat needed to ease menstrual cramps sets our product apart from other generic patches that are commonly used as a body warmer. The generic heat patches do not produce enough  long lasting heat that a women need for menstrual pain relief.

MenstruTrack was created with the belief that a women’s feminine health is not merely a process to be tracked, but an integral part of a women’s lifestyle affecting their consumption habits, health and wellness. Unlike many other period tracking apps which focus primarily on “tracking”, MenstruTrack takes an approach of integrating content and commerce, so that timely decisions can be made depending on one’s needs at any point of the feminine cycle.

VB: How do you think PSLove is filling a gap in the healthcare community?

PY: As cliche as it may sound, “Period” is a topic that many are not vocal about. 9 out of 10 females will keep their sanitary pads out of sight when they go to the washroom. Being less vocal about feminine health also means giving less attention and that stifles innovation in this area. I believe that apart from creating a product that helps with menstrual problems, our various community building initiatives also aims at encouraging women to speak up.

VB: How has the response been like for Menstuheat and Menstutrack?

PY: As a new product in the market, and one of the first targeting menstrual cramp relief, MenstruHeat saw traction quite quickly. We’ve sold close to 50,000 units and have been receiving interest from multiple countries in the region. As for MenstruTrack, we have not officially launched it as we are pending a revamp of the app.

PSLove Team

VB: What do you think about the current level of innovation and improvement done in the feminine care department?

PY: In recent years, we’ve seen a couple of players looking into the feminine care space and innovation is generally growing in this area – IOT menstrual cup, fertility apps etc. We believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg, after all, the feminine cycle is the core of a female’s health.

VB: What are the future plans for PSLove?

PY: An immediate expansion plan is to bring MenstruHeat regional. We have been exploring distribution partnerships in Malaysia and Philippines and looking closely at Indonesia. Regionally, there are few or even no similar products that serve this market and we hope to be the brand to go to when one faces menstrual cramps.

VB: What advice will you give to new start-ups in the healthcare and med-tech ecosystem?

PY: Regulations in this industry can be daunting. But don’t let regulatory systems deter you from impacting lives.