Inaugural AIA-Konica Minolta Digital Health Accelerator: Graduation Day


Demo Day 1.jpgThe Inaugural ‘Graduation day’ of the AIA-Konica Minolta Digital Health Accelerator powered by Nest was held on the 28th of June, 2016. Eight healthtech start-ups had been sieved out of over 100 plus candidates from across the world to participate in the 12 weeks of the Digital Health Accelerator Programme culminating in the ‘Demo Day’.

The 8 health-tech start-ups participated in this first-ever Singapore based accelerator programme of its kind. They were able to pitch their innovations to the invited audience of investors, government officials, research institutes, partners and corporate executives in the hope of securing crucial investor support for the next stage of their commercial development. During the 12 weeks of trials, these start-ups were able to take advantage of the corporate and commercial expertise offered by the 2 founding companies, AIA and Konica Minolta, as well as having exclusive access to resources, markets and mentor networks spanning across industry, education, research and government assembled by the programme.

Demo Day 2

The start-ups spanning across continents from France to India, Singapore to Australia and America are all Digital Health Startups focussing on innovating solutions to address childhood obesity, physical inactivity and effective rehabilitation. Biotechin.Asia will be covering these start-ups individually on our “Featured Startups Section”.

According to Simeon Preston, Group Chief Operations at AIA, “Brilliant ideas need resources to become reality, and we hope the access provided by the programme will help them [the start-ups] make a real impact”. Yuji Ichimura, Executive Officer at Konica Minolta, Inc concurs with this sentiment and said that Konica Minolta will continue to be a “company that brings inspiration to various businesses and people’s daily lives through innovations”.

This Accelerator programme was powered by Nest, a prominent Investment Incubator which has successfully worked with large corporations across the world to deliver customised accelerator programmes. Ethan Pierse, Managing Partner of Nest Singapore states that “As health becomes an ever growing concern amongst our population, technology is playing a bigger role in how we stay fit, gain treatment and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”