Enhancv: Turns your ordinary old-fashioned resume into a powerful tool for winning interviews!


Enhancv is a platform that helps individuals land their dream job by creating personalized, company-tailored, visually appealing resumes.

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Enhancv’s easy-to-use, web-based resume builder is the easiest way to make your resume stand out. Not only can you create, edit and download your resume right from the builder, but also you get tips and real-world examples along the way that help you create the most attractive resume possible.

I recently has a chat with awesome team from Sofia, Bulgaria to know about their startup journey.

When was the company founded and who are the co-founders?

The company was founded in April 2012 by 3 entrepreneurs from Bulgaria: Mitko, Volen Vulkov and Georgi Ivanov. 

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Mitko is the CTO at Enhancv and he was Developer at Obecto, a local startup, at the age of 17. Has won numerous IT olympiads, competitions, and was awarded a medal of excellence in the field of IT by the president of Bulgaria.

Volen Vulkov is the Harmonizer in Chief, He was Start It Smart Mentor & entrepreneur. Microsoft student partner & a proud member of the world’s biggest student organizations – AIESEC & ESN.

Georgi Ivanov is the CEO of Enhancv, He is an young geologist-turned entrepreneur. He has mentored several startups through Start It Smart, a local NGO, and founder of 4 startups.

What is Enhancv all about?

Enhancv is an online resume platform, where you can create a beautiful resume, relying on simple and straightforward tips and examples, while having the freedom to completely customize it according to the specific standards and requirements you are aiming to meet. You can personalize it for a specific job offer/position/company or country standards.

How much are the products/services priced at? How has the response been so far?

Our premium version costs $14.90 a month and regarding people’s response – Enhancv boasts about 250-300 daily active users, with 100+ new subscriptions per month.

Any users from Asia?

We have users from over 3150 cities all over the world, including a significant chunk from Asia.

What is the business/revenue model of the company?

Currently, we’re using a freemium model – the applicants can use the most basic features, but have to subscribe for the rest for $14.90 a month. In the nearest future, we’re planning on integrating the platform with university career centers, as well as building a job board based more on personality and culture fit, rather than cold job descriptions.

What other streams of revenue do you foresee? What are the future plans for your company?

We are excited to integrate with various university career centers and also building a job board with company and personal profiles.

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