Enabling the Differently Abled; this technology can help him move again


A Singaporean facility is tapping on advanced Assistive Technology (AT) to enhance the level of mobility for persons with disabilities (PWD)

The Tech Able facility was officially opened in Singapore in 2015 in a bid to provide a viable solution for mobility issues faced by People with Disabilities (PWD).

Tech Able aims to help PWDs in a more holistic way with the help of Assistive  Technology (AT) advancements. You can think of Tech Able as a hub that encourages AT solutions, provides training to enhance employability through communications and technology and a place where AT and infocomm technology are more accessible for those who need it the most.

During the opening ceremony, there were a wide range of prototypes and creative AT innovations on display. Some of these products included modified wheelchairs which allowed its user to slide easily from it to a bed, without requiring much support. Each of them were designed to meet different needs and ranged from affordable 3-D utensils targeted for cerebral palsy patients to exoskeleton braces for the rehabilitation of stroke patients.

This facility houses the Singtel Enabling Innovation Centre (SEIC), the arm that provides support training and employment opportunities for PWDs. Customised communications and technology training like contact centre operations and online marketing are examples of  training that the SEIC looks to impart. In addition to the training programs, the SEIC looks to encourage sharing between interests groups, therapists, researchers and PWDs in a bid to gain insight and thereby create better AT devices.

The Tech Able facility is not just an AT innovation hub. It gives employers and caregivers a place where they learn how to create more PWD inclusive workplaces and homes. Caregivers can also seek the advice of AT specialists to help them make informed choices about AT devices for those under their care.

This article by Geralyne Kaye was reproduced with permission from techstorm.tv.