In Focus: Madhungi Vaidyanathan


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Today, the author in focus is Madhungi Vaidyanathan from USA. She is a doting mother of two wonderful children and an aspiring scientist. 

Here are a list of a recent articles written by Madhungi for our website. 

Over to Madhu now…

I am Madhungi, fondly called as Madhu, an author of Biotechin.Asia. I have been contributing articles regularly for a while now and I am quite happy to work with this team, because I am getting to know a lot in the medical and biotech field and it really gives me confidence when I talk to others.

I majored in the science group in high school and biology was and is my favorite subject. I then chose my career in biochemistry and loved the subject, especially immunology and medical biochemistry.

After my Master’s, I was teaching in a college for couple of years and then I was very fortunate to get an opportunity to work in a CSIR Institute in Chennai, India. I couldn’t pursue it longer as I got married and came to USA. Then for the past few years I have been a home maker.

I am much elated being married to a wonderful man and blessed with two lovely children. But one thing was nagging me always; in the corner of my mind, I always regretted quitting my job, just because of moving to another country where I was not able to work or pursue a career legally due to visa regulations and so on.

20160404_144316Interestingly, this gap in my career gave me an opportunity to learn crocheting and quilling! Initially I started making clothes etc. for my children, but now I love to crochet various innovative projects that are decorative too. I would say these are definitely my stress relievers rather than my hobbies 🙂

And now, after a huge break, the second phase of my career has started. I chose to intern first so that I can get the hang of things working in a lab before I actually get back full on in the research field. So, my present internship is in a research lab and I am really happy now, managing both career and family life effectively, and looking forward to continuing the same in the future.