Cancer Referral Guide: An app to aid cancer diagnosis


The word ‘cancer’ is enough to send a chill down our spine. What makes it so fearsome is the number of ways in which it manifests itself and the difficulty in diagnosing it. Primary healthcare providers and patients are often unaware of the symptoms and the effects it will have.

‘Cancer Referral Guide’, an app developed by the University of West Scotland aims to serve as database of symptoms and signs to look out for in the diagnosis of cancer. The app, serves as a pocket book or a quick reference for healthcare professionals by providing images, signs and symptoms.

Cancer App

Earlier a cancer is diagnosed and treated, better are the chances of survival. However, the myriad range of symptoms exhibited may be attributed to other conditions, rendering the cancer difficult to spot. As a result, the diagnosis is not made until the later stages in which the cancer is either untreatable or becomes difficult to treat.

The app makes spotting cancer a little easier by placing emphasis on identifying the types of symptoms and correlating it with the database. General Practitioners may use the app to facilitate proper referral to secondary care specialists by identifying patients who are most likely to have cancer. It has a database of different types of cancers and the signs to look out for in each of them. The easy to use interface makes it an effective tool for the layman as well as the expert.

While the app is primary targeted at physicians, nurses and pharmacists may use it as a tool to understand whether a condition requires immediate care.

The app can be downloaded here.