In Focus: Divya Subramanian

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Divya Subramanian

The following article is part of our Featured Authors section, that will give you a glimpse of the life, dreams and thoughts of our amazing writers. We, at would like to thank all our authors for their valuable contributions in enriching our community. 

Today, the author in focus is Divya Subramanian from India! A lady who loves to include comics in her “scientific” articles, her passion shines through her work! Here are a list of articles written by Divya! Over to her..

Hello. I am Divya and I am going to write my bio in the third person just because I am supremely petrified of the question ‘Tell me something about yourself’ and also it’s relatively easier to write about someone else than yourself. Here goes:


“Damn, you draw so well man. Your journal is a masterpiece in itself. And you write such amazing poems. You are born creative. I don’t think I can ever do it,” quipped Divya to her best friend.

The best friend at her usual best at motivating replied, “It’s all about letting yourself be. Really. I do what I feel like and this just happens.”


Professor to the class: “At the end of this academic year, you guys will sit outside our college building and wonder about the big question ‘what do we want to do when we get out of college?’ Start thinking about the answer right away if you don’t want to be a victim of ‘I will take up whatever comes my way!’


At the end of the academic year, the class was discussing ‘What do we want to do?’ not on the stairs but in the canteen.

“I will take up teaching in a college.” – One classmate

“Research, of course. TIFR or BARC.” – Another classmate

“Will do both, teach and try to get an admission into Ph.D. maybe.” – Divya


“What are you up to these days?” – A common friend who thought Divya played badminton really well.

“Nothing much ya. Preparing for the Ph.D. entrance test, teaching Endocrinology in a college on an hourly basis and trekking. That’s all. Why do you ask?” replied Divya.

“So, I came to know that you are heavily into reading and love to read fantasy fiction.” – That common friend.

“Well, yes. What about that?” – asked Divya, now a little confused.

“If you are into reading, I think you can write too. How about giving it a shot?” – That common friend who had now turned into a marketing cum HR professional.

“Umm, well, why not?” – replied Divya


“Tell us something about yourself?” – The interviewer

“Well, I am a biologist by education, a copywriter by profession, a writer by aspiration, a tarot card reader by vocation and a story seeker by conviction. And I believe I ended up being all this because maybe God up there thought let me teach this girl a thing or two about creativity.”


Thank you for reading.

Thank you, Laxmi and biotechinasia for giving me this chance to brag about myself.