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30th November – 6th December 2015


Chennai floods – Govt. sets up over 200 health camps to check outbreak

Chennai, one of the major metropolitan cities in the southern part of India has come to a standstill with the incessant rains lashing for several days now. The city and its adjoining areas like Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur are facing the brunt of the northeast monsoons since last month. (Read more)

7 Daily Moves, the new fitness app by Small Spoon Pte. Ltd.

Small Spoon Pte. Ltd. has launched a new fitness app, 7 Daily Moves. The 7 DAILY MOVES workouts are based on basic human movements. (Click here to download the app). Our bodies are designed to squat, lunge, bend, push, pull, twist, walk (run or jump). Our body should be able to perform these seven movements efficiently without injury in our everyday activities. (Read more)

Canadian researchers “turn off” Ras, the cancer-causing protein

Ras is the most common cancer-causing protein, directly responsible for 30 per cent of all cancers and indirectly involved in virtually all cancers. For more 30 years, scientists have failed to target Ras effectively, but researchers from University of Toronto have turned this protein off with an experimental drug. (Read more)

Gelzen Inc. – Making sustainable, animal-free gelatin

Alexander Lorestani and Nikolay Ouzounov are the co-founders of Gelzen, Inc. situated at San Francisco, CA.  Alexander is the CEO of Gelzen, Inc. and an MD/PhD candidate in the Rutgers University-Princeton University MD/PhD program. He studied medicine at Rutgers University and bacterial pathogenesis at Princeton University. (Read more)

[Media Coverage] A*STAR-JTC inaugural one-north Run 2015

The first ever one-north Run 2015 was held on sunday, the 29th November 2015 at one-north park: Mediapolis. This event saw the gathering of Singapore’s one-north community to celebrate SG50 and to raise funds for vulnerable children, the elderly, and the intellectually disabled. What better way than to run for a cause! (Read more)

Health concerns: Do’s and Don’ts after Chennai floods

Chennai has been struggling to cope with non-stop rains in the past one week leading to massive flooding, inundating homes, hospitals, roads, railway tracks and the city’s airport. Even though, floodwaters have started receding from parts of the city, basic necessities are badly hit in most of the areas. (Read more)

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