in Chinese: Launch of our BIA WeChat platform

1628 is proud to announce the launch of its Chinese platform on WeChat. 

The editorial team at is proud to launch its Chinese subscription platform on WeChat. To receive updates on latest happenings and developments in the biotech and healthcare space in academia, industry and startups, please join our community. WeChat account: BIA亚洲生物科技 WeChat account: BIA亚洲生物科技 WeChat account: BIA亚洲生物科技

We @ are also happy to introduce our readers and partners to the Editor for our Chinese platform, Dr Sissi Lin.

Sissi Lin

Sissi Lin is a chemist with expertise in nucleic acid chemistry and organic chemistry. She graduated from Southwest University, Chongqing, China, in 2007, with a bachelor degree in chemistry and chemical education,  and obtained her PhD in organic chemistry from Michigan Technological University in US in 2013. Currently she works at Molecular Engineering Laboratory of A*STAR in Singapore to develop DNA biosensors.

She strongly believes that biotechnology is the key driver of future innovation. However she understands the difficulty of having general public understand the complex and abstract science behind biotechnology. As an enthusiastic writer (in English and Chinese), she aims to introduce biotechnologies to the public concisely and visually.

林溪(Sissi Lin)来自中国江西吉水,曾求学于美国,现为新加坡科研局的一名科研人员。闲暇之余,她喜欢中英文写作,她希望用最为通俗易懂的文字,将更多生物科技介绍给大众。

If you are interested to write for us in Chinese, please contact Sissi at linxi(at)biotechin(dot)asia. If you would like to write for us in English or get in touch with us for other potential collaborations and partnerships, please contact us at admin(at)biotechin(dot)asia.