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Madras Institute of Mind (MIM)

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The following is a writeup by Mr. Nikhil Chaudhary, the CEO of MIM.

Madras Institute of Mind (MIM) is a Non-Profit Organisation working for the benefit of the people for the last 21 years. This organisation was started with a view to understand different types of people and help them by sensitizing their mind on key issues of life. For effective knowledge transfer the board has decided to restrict themselves to the city of Chennai which in itself is a very big area to cover.

The society has helped number of individuals in changing their lifestyle. We have now started a more structured awareness program to reach people at large. With the same view in mind the society started initiatives like “Wellness Campaign”, “Greening Diabetes Campaign”, “Brown Rice Promotion campaign”, “The great health missionary award” etc.

Our seminars/presentations are backed by science and research. These are not our ideas but the facts brought out by scientists after a lot of research and hard work. We are just trying to bridge the gap between them and the common people.

“We do not sell any products, promote any brands, charge any fees or demand any donation. Our activities are purely for a social cause and benefit of the people”

Wellness Campaign

This is the flagship program of our society. Under this campaign we have effectively tried to convey the message of good nutrition and lifestyle to a large and varied audience in Madras. We have conducted seminars and interactive sessions for many organisations, corporate, schools, Patients suffering from various illnesses, clubs, Societies and individuals. The partners include L & T, Sony India Pvt Ltd, Dalmiya Cements, Vodafone, Firstsource, Ajuba Global Solutions, Rotary Club of Madras Silver Beach, Vivek Vidyalaya, Arya Samaj, Annanagar western extension welfare association, Vasavi Yoga Ashram, Vivekananda School, Shri Sanatana Dharma Vidyalaya etc. We are also scheduling such programs for many organizations in the coming days.

The metabolic diseases (Or lifestyle diseases) which are growing at a pandemic level across the globe is a threat and big concern to be addressed. For these diseases, “Food is Medicine”. This fact remains untold because this does not have any monetary benefits to anyone. So we have taken the responsibility to pass the baton.

The wellness campaign has been well received by everyone. We have seen immense improvement in the health, life span and quality of life in patients suffering from diseases like diabetes, Hypertension, allergies, fatty liver, lipid problems and also terminal cases of cancer.

Our satisfaction and reward comes from people who try to accept change and get benefited after understanding the simple truths which were never told to them. This has helped many people at individual levels in overcoming lifelong diseases in short span of time.

The Greening Diabetes Campaign

This campaign was launched in the city to help people understand, control and ultimately cure diabetes by changing their nutrition and lifestyle. It is estimated that approximately 25%+ population of Chennai is suffering from diabetes and more than 50% are pre diabetic who will become diabetic in the coming few years. The myth that diabetes cannot be cured has to be broken. We intend to sensitize people to take charge of their health by themselves. With this campaign we have got some fantastic response and results for patients all over India.

The Red Rice Promotion Campaign

The staple food of people of Tamilnadu and many more cultures across India and the world is rice. Rice is also the main ingredient and raw material for many food products. These days the only rice which is used for all these purposes is white polished rice. There is enormous literature to support the fact that white rice damages the health of people whereas the Bran rice is health promoting.

We have started this campaign to promote the local varieties of bran rice for its health benefits. Under this campaign we have put up boards at shops selling Red rice with health information, given samples of red rice, Idli to a few individuals and organizations who showed keen interest in eating them and spread the information by word of mouth by giving in detail information to whomever we come across.

We are delighted to see that many individuals and families have changed their family menu to red rice and have seen improvements in their health conditions.

The Great Health Missionary Award

The great health missionary award is not any star studded award but a small token of appreciation to identify and thank the efforts of individuals who have supported the cause and helped us in spreading these ideas to people around them. We hope to give away this award to a great many number of people in the coming days and spread the message to better the health and wellbeing of the society.

Scientific Interactions

Mr. H.M. Pandey and Mr. Nikhil Chaudhary have presented a case study of remission of cancer which was achieved by changing diet and lifestyle for a patient, at the “World Cancer Conference and Medicare Summit – 2014, Hyderabad”.

The presented another paper at the “International conference on Diet and Healthy Lifestyle in the Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseases” in june 2015 at, Chennai’.

MIM has also published a case study at the prestigious international journal – “Journal of cancer science and therapy”.

More such case studies and research papers will be published and submitted by the society.

Authored Articles

We contribute to various publications which include regional and national newspapers on health and nutrition related topics. Some of the publications include Trinity mirror, Mogappair mail etc.


Madras Institute of Mind is a small society with a small workforce. With the contribution of every member of the society and all well wishers, MIM has been able to make a small impact in the health and lives of people. Here is a short introduction of the main working committee meant for these campaigns.

Our President- Mr. H.M. Pandey

Mr. H. M. Pandey has had his share of experience in life. He had an unusual childhood under extreme poverty. With hard work and intelligence he was able to sail through the storms of life and become an Assistant professor in Physics at the Kanpur University. This was just the beginning. He later succeeded in becoming one of the most admired and successful IAS officer of the Tamilnadu Government.

Battling with extreme conditions left his health in jeopardy. He was suffering from various metabolic problems like hypertension etc at a tender age of 21. The medicine alone was not able to get him out of these problems.

Being a firm believer of science and Knowledge he started venturing into the causes and remedies of these problems. Free from all diseases and medicines, today he is not 67 years old but a 67 year healthy man. Truly carrying a message “Age is just a number”.

His interest and voracious reading for decades has made him an expert on how nutrition and lifestyle is the most important factor to lead a healthy and peaceful life. How they can bring positive effects on health, career performance, social relationships etc. He is not just a speaker, but a clarifier to all the doubts that arise. He gives maximum importance to interaction during his sessions. We have seen and expect a lot of people benefit from his expertise.

Nikhil_ChaudharyAbout Nikhil Choudhary

Nikhil Chaudhary is a young member of the society who has contributed all his efforts in organizing various events in the city to promote these ideas. He is also in touch with the patients on a day to day basis to improvise on their health.

Currently pursuing his Masters in Dietetics and Food Service Management, he has completed his Biotechnology in 2009. He runs a business for his livelihood. The cause of promotion of a healthy society is his passion in life. He has devoted his time and strength for a humble cause of helping people. He is available to everyone who needs him always. All correspondence to the society for any event or otherwise is done by him.


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