New Dr David B. Samadi Institute of Robotic Surgery at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus


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The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus announces that Dr David B. Samadi, the world renowned robotic prostate Surgeon will be in Cyprus for the first time, from July 20th 2015 until July 27th 2015. Dr Samadi will visit the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus at frequent intervals during which he will perform robotic surgeries.

Institute’s Mission Statement:

11 copy (1)The Dr David B. Samadi Institute of Robotic Surgery at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, welcomes doctors and surgeons from the neighboring region to work directly with Dr David Samadi in advancing research and science in all types of robotic procedures including Urologic, Gynecology, Colorectal and ENT cases.

The Institute is dedicated to educate doctors and increase awareness among patients on the Robotic Surgery unique S.M.A.R.T. Technique by Dr Samadi. The Institute aims to spread the academic knowledge and surgical experience of Dr Samadi, having performed more than 6,400 cases with excellent results.

The geographical location of Cyprus, in combination with the Mediterranean Hospital facility, provides an exceptional option for doctors and patients from Asia, Africa and Europe to easily access and be involved in developing the knowledge and skills needed for the use of the Da Vinci Robotic System technology safely and efficiently next to a worldwide expert surgeon. Through the collaboration with Dr Samadi, future medical students and urology residents can learn and train in urologic procedures with special concentration on Da Vinci Prostate Surgery.

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