Singapore-based Healint announces US$1M funding, partners with UK-based Migraine Action


Logo-Shiny4Singapore-based health analytics company, Healint announced its incremental seed round funding of USD$1M+ with Wavemaker Pacific – DFJ network, Gree Ventures, National Research Foundation, Shinryoku and its own angel network. They have also partnered with UK’s leading migraine support organization-Migraine Action to advance research for UK migraine sufferers, especially after the stupendous success of their migraine tracking app- Migraine Buddy.

Migraine Buddy was designed with the help of neurologists and data scientists aiming to improve the lives of migraine sufferers and advance migraine research. It makes use of passive sensor information from mobile phones and takes inputs from patients to create insights about the users chronic condition.

Migraine Buddy which was launched nine months ago by Healint has quickly become the number one migraine tracking app on Google Play. Following its success in Android, Healint has released the iOS version of Migraine Buddy, which is garnering excellent reviews from users (~5) They are expecting to double their current 100,000 patient base in the next few months.

We had described earlier about how Healint is revolutionizing the concept of crowdsourcing in healthcare. Due to the exponential growth of Migraine buddy users and the vast data generated every second, the data scientists from Healint are now able to predict the onset of migraine, with an accuracy of close to 90%.

“At any given day, thousands of migraine events are reported (into Migraine Buddy database), this has allowed us to learn how certain factors such as sleep and weather could relate to the onset of migraine in a population-wide analysis.” Said CTO of Healint, Ali Elgamal

This population-wide analysis by the data scientists have found distinct gender-related signs and symptoms as shown below. However, irrespective of their gender, it was clearly established that users who slept for less than 7hrs in the night are more likely to experience a migraine attack.

Migraines affect men and women differently. Photo courtesy: Migraine Buddy
Migraines affect men and women differently. Photo courtesy: Migraine Buddy