Novel pain relief patch with microneedles: Faster and effective


Dr Kang Lifeng’s research group from the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science at National University of Singapore has designed a novel pain relief patch that is much faster and effective than the conventional ones currently available in the market. These new patches contain microneedles than can administer the drug directly in to the skin by drilling micro pores in the skin.

Microneedle patch
Microneedle patch

These patches were tested to deliver lidocaine, a common painkiller, which took only 5 minutes to penetrate into the skin and is 9 times faster than the commercially available transdermal patches in the market. The dosage of the drug is determined by the size of the patch. This patch has been tested by Dr Jaspreet Singh Kochhar, one of the team members, without any pain or side effects. This microneedle patch technique was also tested to deliver collagen into the skin layers while most or all of the skin care products remain on the skin.

The team suggests that this patch can also be used for relief pains resulting from diseases like diabetes and cancer. The team is further studying if the patch is useful for young children’s vaccinations, and in treating hair loss. The team has filed a patent and is looking forward to collaborate with industrial partners to bring their work to the market.

The story is based on the information provided by NUS news.

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