Are you a Binge-eater? Fret not… we have a cure now

binge eating
Binge eating french fries? Credit: Pixabay

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now approved the use of an Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) drug to treat Binge-eating disorder.

Binge-eating disorder refers to the condition where patients have episodes of compulsive overeating. During such instances they tend to consume abnormal amounts of food even when they are not hungry and lack control over the same. Binge-eating disorder is accompanied by psychological distress and is associated with obesity.

Preliminary research suggests that Vyvanse, a drug used as a treatment for ADHD may also help treating Binge-eating disorder. At high doses, Vyvanse was observed to curtail excessive food consumption, though it did not appear to curb binge-eating at the lowest dosage.

Though some researchers find the use of Vyvanse to treat Binge-eating effective and impressive, some researchers think that it shouldn’t be considered as a first-line treatment for binge-eating. Reason being that Vyvanse is a schedule II amphetamine which could be highly addictive and is generally associated with a higher risk for heart attack and stroke. Nevertheless, if unbiased studies show continued effectiveness of the drug with less complications, Vyvanse could be the only drug approved to treat Binge-eating disorder.