Yet another study to prove the same fact: Smoking kills


Smoking kills: a fact known, proved and supported by several studies and research. A recent study validates this fact in case of elderly smokers and finds out that its never too late to quit smoking!

In a study by Professor Lam Tai-hing’s research team from Hong Kong University School of Public Health, it was shown that one out of two elderly smokers are killed early because of smoking induced illnesses whereas elderly who quit smoking had increased life span. The study was done on 65, 510 elderly people of 65 or over years of age enrolled in 18 elderly health centers between 1998 and 2001. The cases were followed up till May 2012 for 11 years. Of the 30% deaths observed, the risks of lung cancer and cardio-vascular disease mortality was increased by four times and twice respectively in smokers compared to the non smokers.

“At least one out of every 2 elderly smokers will be killed by smoking induced illnesses,” Lam said. “On the other hand, if the elderly quit smoking, we found that their survival rate can be largely improved.”

This study supports the fact that quitting smoking significantly reduces the risks of ill health and death; further emphasizing the role of smoking cessation programs and centers.


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